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Distance Healing

During this time of elevated stress levels and social distancing, I am offering a complimentary one-time 30-minute distance healing. Both Reiki and Esoteric healing can be done remotely as energy follows thought, and we are all connected at the soul level. I will be combining a chakra alignment and balance with universal Reiki and Esoteric healing energy.



Ines Calderon, PA-C is an Energy Healing Practitioner based in Summit New Jersey. Her mission is to bridge the gap between Conventional Medicine and Energy Healing. Ines integrates Reiki, Esoteric Healing, and Craniosacral Therapy in her healing sessions. Her many years of working as a Physician Assistant in conventional as well as functional medicine has led her to search for a mind – body – spirit connection for her clients.


Ines’ training in energy healing includes certifications in the Usui Reiki Tradition of Natural Healing, Esoteric Healing with Bernadette Bloom and advanced certification from Dr. Ron Wish of The Great River Craniosacral Therapy Institute.


Ines believes that the best way to serve her clients is through a comprehensive approach that includes energy healing as well as incorporating integrative mental health practitioners, functional medicine providers, and body workers depending on the clients’ specific needs to achieve balanced healing.

Career Highlights

Bachelor of Science - Physician Assistant from the University of Medicine and Dentistry-Rutgers University.


Certified Physician Assistant - National Commission on Certification of Physician Assistants and licensed in New York and New Jersey.


Clinical Physician Assistant in Internal Medicine and Emergency Medicine at Kings County Hospital in New York City and Jersey City Medical Center providing direct patient care. 

Clinical Physician Assistant in Holistic Medicine at Mitchell Medical Group; New York, NY, providing direct patient care and coaching patients on nutrition, life style, mindfulness.


Energy Healing Practitioner | Physician Assistant for Advanced Metabolic and Functional Medicine Center, Florham Park, NJ, providing direct patient care, Mind Body Coaching, Craniosacral Therapy, Energy Healing including Reiki.


Certifications include Methylation Summit, Institute of Functional Medicine, AFMCP/APM, and Walsh Research Institute, Mastering Brain Chemistry  


Fluent in English and Spanish   





A Japanese healing modality that allows the therapist to channel positive universal energy into the client by "laying on hands" and is based on the idea that an unseen "life-force energy" flows through us. It can be done by either light touch or by holding the hands above the client. It raises the vibration in the body and works to heal and clear energetic pathways. This allows our "life-force energy" to begin to flow again, which improves physical, emotional, and mental health.

Esoteric Healing

A high-vibration energetic healing modality from Tibet. It allows the healer to locate blockages and negative energy patterns within the body's energy field and chakras. The healer can then work towards balancing the client's bio-electric field to restore the natural energy centers and chakras. The changes happen on the physical, emotional, and mental levels. 

Craniosacral Therapy​


A gentle hands-on healing modality that releases tension from the central nervous system by performing delicate manipulations of the bones in the head (cranium) and lower spine (sacrum). The treatment works deeply on many levels, including physical, emotional, and mental.  



Getting Here: 

597 Springfield Ave

Summit, NJ 07901



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